My Fun at the Wavepool

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My Fun at the Wavepool

It was a hot July summer day so naturally several friends and I decided to go to the wavepool to relax and have fun. Swimming wasn?t one of my favorite pastimes but Shannon was going so I decided to go. Shannon and I had been good friends for almost a year. She was very attractive but we had never done anything exclusively together. Shannon was about 5?4? with long brown hair and an /adorable/">adorable smile. Her 34B breasts looked perfect on her petite figure, which was accentuated by her incredible butt. In my opinion, Shannon was one of the most incredibly /gorgeous/">gorgeous girls I had ever met. Though it always seemed like we would never be more than just good friends.

When we arrived at the wavepool, some friends told me Shannon would be a little late. We all decided to get in the water thought because it was so hot out. I had to admit I was glad I came, but I was slightly disappointed Shannon wasn?t there. We all decided to get out and sit in the sun for a little while. After a couple minutes Shannon arrived. She looked incredible. She showed up wearing a tiny pink tube top and a slim pair of shorts that revealed her incredible ass. She was the most amazing girl I had ever seen. She set her towel down next sexxxx video ful hd to mine and we talked for a little while about small talk, nothing too exciting. I couldn?t help but admire her petite body and her gorgeous face. Just then the bell sounded for the waves and everyone went to get in. Shannon peeled off her shirt to reveal a slim navy blue bikini and tiny string bottoms that revealed her incredibly fit and slim body. God I wanted her so /bad/">bad.

Shannon and I walked into the water to join up with our friends. Shannon laughed and giggled as we entered the freezing water. She said the water was too cold and told me she was heading back to sit on the towel. I flirtatiously grabbed though and made sure she didn?t leave. Shannon laughed as I picked her up and carried her into the water before throwing her in. As she stood up soaking wet, I thought I would lose it right there. The water dripped off her hair and onto her breasts. Her nipples had gotten hard from the cold water and I couldn?t help but stare and take in her incredible beauty. We continued into the water and I followed her taking in the beauty of her incredible ass. I spent the better part of our time flirting with Shannon and trying to tip over her raft. Shannon giggled as I did this and I couldn?t help but notice that she was flirting with me playfully. I enjoyed it but what happened next really surprised me. I flipped Shannon?s raft over and as she rose to the surface she ran her hand all the way up my leg and rested it for a second on my crotch. When she emerged from the water, her body was right next to mine and her breasts felt so good next to my chest. She looked straight into my eyes. We were both breathing heavily from the event. I wanted to kiss her there, but just as all this happened the waves stopped and my friends decided to get out of the pool.

We all got out and sat out on our towels. I could feel the tension between Shannon and I. I wanted her so bad. For now though, I just sat and admired her beautifully small body and her flat stomach as she lay out to soak up the sun. I asked Shannon if she wanted to come with me to get a snack from the snack bar. She said yes and wrapped herself in her towel and walked in front of me. As she walked I admired her butt as it swayed from side to side with each step. She stood next to me as we waited in xxx sex video download free com line and I noticed she was grinding her tiny little ass against my swimming trunks. Not to the point where it was obvious but just enough that it felt so incredibly good. I wanted to take Shannon right there, but I didn?t know if she felt the same way. We waited in line and I put my hand around her tiny waist as she held on to me. I thought I would lose it right there.

After we finished eating, we walked back down to the towels and our friends decided it was time to go. My friend Kevin said he had to go to work and asked if I would be able to take Shannon home. I quickly obliged. We packed up our things and headed for the car. I also had to take my friend Sean home, but I intelligently decided to get rid of him first. After disposing of Sean, Shannon moved into the front seat and we talked for a little while. I was having a tough time keeping my eyes on the road as I was looking at Shannon?s beautiful body staring out the window. As we arrived at Shannon?s house I stopped the car to let her out and suddenly she reached over the seat and kissed me. It came as a bit of a /surprise/">surprise to me, but I enjoyed it. I placed my hand on her face and slipped my tongue in her mouth as we kissed each other passionately. She pushed my face away gently and said we can finish this inside, her parents were out of town.

We rushed out of the car together and inside her house. The whole time I was thinking about that kiss. We ran up to Shannon?s room and she quickly turned and kissed me. We made our way to her bed and continued making out. I was on top of Shannon kissing her beautiful, soft lips. I could feel Shannon?s small hands gripping my back and her breasts firmly poked against my chest. The feeling of her warm body against mine was overwhelming and I decided to press my luck a little. I reached my right hand up and under her pink shirt and began rubbing her soft flesh through her bikini. Shannon pushed me away for a minute and I began apologizing thinking I had gone too far. Much to my pleasure Shannon reached behind her and undid her shirt. I gave her a big smile and kissed her again. She then began tugging at my white undershirt I was wearing and removed it over the top of my head. I took this as a sign of initiative and began work on undoing the straps that held up Shannon?s slim blue bikini. I could feel her breathing began to shake and stopped my progress. I knew Shannon was a virgin because we had talked about these sort of things quite a bit. I also knew she was rather conservative and for as attractive as she was, did not have much experience with boys.

?Are you sure you want to keep going,? I asked.
? Yes,? she responded, ?I want you to be my first?

At that point my dick was fully erect with the overwhelming excitement of Shannon. I undid the straps of Shannon?s bikini and let it fall to the ground. There in front of me were the most incredible pair of breasts I had ever seen. I took a moment to admire their beauty. They were round, firm, and perfectly shaped with small but erect nipples. I flicked my tongue against Shannon?s right nipple while I massaged the left in between my thumb and index finger. I could sense Shannons pleasure as she moaned softly and ran her fingers through my hair. I continued kissing Shannon?s body as my free hand went to remove the shorts covering her bikini bottoms. After freeing her from her shorts I stood up for a minute and asked Shannon if she was sure she wanted to do this. She did not respond, she simply got up and kissed me softly and grabbed my butt pushing my body against her slim figure. I want you so bad she said. With that I lay Shannon back down on the bed and undid the small ties holding together her string bottoms. I peeled them off and onto the floor and marveled at this beautiful naked girl laying in front of me. Shannon kept her pussy completely hairless because she wore spandex for volleyball. I lay my now sweaty body against hers and began passionately kissing her soft lips while my hand caressed her body all the way down to her pussy. I slowly began to rub my thumb across Shannon?s clitoris. Shannon moaned softly in pleasure and I stuck my 2 free fingers into her /wet/pussy-wet/dripping-wet-pussy/">dripping wet pussy. I began working them in and out slowly making sure not to go in too deep for fear of pooping her cherry. Shannon?s pussy was so tight and I began to worry for a minute if it would even be possible for us to have sex. After working her for a few minutes I kissed her face gently and dropped down to my knees to continue my work. I playfully tease Shannon and licked all around her pussy before slowly sticking my tongue into her pussy. She moaned loudly in pleasure and I couldn?t help but smile. Her hand was now pressed firmly against the back of my head. I began flicking her clitoris with my tongue while finger-fucking her with my right hand and massaging her nipples with my left hand. After only a couple seconds of this, I could feel Shannon?s body shake with pleasure and she let out a long moan. ?Don?t stop baby? were the only words she could manage to utter. After taking in all of Shannon?s juices I removed my fingers and kissed her cheek softly. Shannon was panting at this point and took a moment to regain her composure.

After she regained strength, she rolled on top of me and began to take control. ?Now its your turn,? she grinned excitedly. She removed my still damp swimming trunks and my 8-inch dick sprang up to meet her face. Shannon laughed and ran her hands up and down my flat stomach while she massaged my balls. I knew Shannon had never given head before, but I was confident she would be a fast learner. She sank from the bed and onto her knees and pulled me to the side of the bed. I could tell she was excited about it and she had a wide smile on her face. She put her soft lips around my cock and began to slowly suck on it like a lollipop. She went up and down and all the while massaged the tip of it with her tongue. I guess I was wrong, Shannon was a very fast learner. After a couple minutes of giving head I told Shannon she needed to stop or our night would end sooner than expected. She reluctantly quit and rose to her feet to give me a kiss. I kissed her softly and picked her up, gently placing her small body beneath me.

?This is going to hurt at first Shannon,? I told her.
?I know,? she said, ?but I want you, I want to feel you inside of me.?

I kissed Shannon and gently spread her beautiful legs apart. With my fingers I felt to make sure she was ready and slowly inserted my dick into her incredibly /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy. As the tip entered I could her Shannon whimper in pain. I caressed her face softly as my dick pushed against her hymen and broke through the wall of her maidenhood. I saw a small tear escape from Shannon?s eye and I kissed her as I wiped it off with my hand. I began slowly pumping in and out of Shannon?s pussy as the walls of her vagina enclosed tightly around my dick. After a minute I noticed the pain on Shannon?s face had been replaced with pleasure. I could hear Shannon letting out her soft moans again as I moved my dick in and out of her with my long, slow strokes. Every time I pushed in I could feel my dick slam against Shannon?s cervix and Shannon would let out a small yelp every time this happened. I began to pick up the pace as I was not sure how long I would be able to last inside her tight vaginal walls. I positioned myself and supported my weight while I began to ride Shannon with long hard and quick strokes. The whole bed was shaking and Shannon tightly gripped me and dug her nails into my back.

Her moans were getting louder and Shannon began to let out small screams of excitement. Her beautiful tits were bouncing up and down and her hips matched my downward thrusting movements. I began to pant in exhaustion and I could feel Shannon?s body began to tremble with impending /climax/">climax. Her walls gripped my dick like a vice as she climaxed. Just then the overwhelming feeling was too much for me and I too reached my climax. We were both moaning loudly at this point as I reached my orgasm. I must have shot nearly a gallon into Shannon?s tight pussy and it felt like I was cumming for hours. I held Shannon closely as we both came in each others arms. After a couple minutes of recovery, I kissed Shannon?s cheek only to find she was asleep. I decided I deserved a nap too so I fell asleep with my deflated dick still inside Shannon?s beautiful pussy.