Jacks plane adventure

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Jacks plane adventure

As Jack blowjob porn videos adjusted his headrest in his seat he caught a glimpse of a hot looking Latin babe. She was wearing a short red dress, which exposed her hot brown very long legs. Her low cut top was red also, which showed to the world her 34 DD breasts. Her hair was black and she had the most beautiful brown eyes that would make a guy melt with lust. 

Her head was buried in a book about love and horoscopes or something as she read her index finger was twirling around her short dress exposing more of her thighs. He kept glancing at her unable to concentrate on what he was doing she finally caught him eyeing her up he looked away but she kept staring at him. Finally Jack looked back and without hesitation gave a look that signified something like how you doing amazingly she replied by laughing then licking her lips and opening her legs which gave him a clear view of her freshly shaven pussy. 

He gazed like a child staring at a giant ice cream sundae from that moment he knew he had to have her. When he decided how to make his move he tried to get her attention by coughing which he succeeded in doing she looked up from her book and he gave her that look which said I want you pointing with his eyes to the toilet. She laughed and bit her lip as he took a slow walk to the toilet. When he sat in the toilet he began to undress waiting for her to bring her long very long in fact legs in here accompanied by her Latino sexy body. 

Almost immediately after those thoughts swam around his head about how it would be to fuck her in she walked with those black high heels on and that short red dress. He sat up and went to kiss her when she interrupted ’wait!’ She said, 
’Let’s get to know each other first’ her voice was soft and very sexy. ’My name is Margarita like the pizza’ she giggled he responded
’I’m Jack like the beanstalk’ he laughed softly. ’I think that’s enough talking’ he said she agreed and gave him a long deep kiss grabbing his balls as she did so.
’Nice and firm just how I like them’ she said as he returned the kiss 
’Same here Jack said as he lifted her tits from her bra as she began to unzip his jeans.

’You’re a /boy/big-boy/">big boy,’ Margarita said in amazement as she gave his long 7-inch cock a couple of rubs before taking its full length. He stopped touching her tits immediately and sat back to enjoy a young lady’s mouth wrapped around him her eyes milf porn videos closed and on her knees as she moved up and down his cock now and again teasing the head with her long tongue.

’Oh Margarita’ he moaned as he blew his hot sticky load over her lips and chin bits of cum occasionally dropping down her cleavage. ’Now its my turn’ said Jack as she mounted herself up on the top of the toilet naked except for her high heels which he told her to keep on because they turned him on. 

His pants were around his ankles and her long legs in the air Margarita moaned 
’Oh’ as he entered her not hesitating giving her his long length. Jack fucked her slowly at first making her cry softly then picking up speed her /big/big-bos/big-tits-bouncing/">big tits bouncing carelessly as she rocked back and forth her legs floating in the air she grabbed his cock and began to push it in even harder. 

His face showed an expression of a man about to burst and he was he removed his long cock and spurted some hot shiny cream on her tanned brown stomach. When Jack caught his breath Margarita whispered in his ear ’we should do this again sometime’.