Members Only

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Members Only

I was eighteen when my Grandfather sponsored me for
junior membership at his health club. I guess I should have
been honored. It was a very elite club; its membership
consisted mostly of doctors, lawyers and bankers, the
majority of whom were retired. I tried to act pleased, but
spending an afternoon a week surrounded by a bunch of old men
wasn't exactly my idea of a fun time.

I thought for sure I would be a flower among a bunch of
crusty, old thorns. I expected to see hordes of flabby men
who for years had abused their bodies with tobacco, alcohol
and rich food. The arrogance of my youth had deceived me.
The men I saw were lean studs, with hard bodies and wandering

Standing among them presented me with a rather unique
challenge. Most of these guys could have chewed me up and
spit me out. I was definitely the pupil, surrounded by the
masters of virility. I suddenly wondered if I had what it
took to become one of them.

As I changed from my street clothes, I felt their eyes
all over me. Sizing me up. Passing judgment. I hadn't been
this conscious of my body since junior high gym class.

For my age I had a decent physique. I was young and
attractive, with smooth, blemish-free skin. My impressive
cock was bigger than average. I certainly had nothing to be
ashamed of. So why were my insides trembling?

After our workout, clad in only a towel, I followed
Grandfather into the /sauna/">sauna. The room was so dimly lit, so
choked with steam, it was nearly impossible to see.
Cautiously we made our way through the mist and found a
vacant spot to sit. The room hummed with the low murmurs of
financial wizardry, most of which was well beyond my

The man sitting on my immediate right was deep in legal
debate. I old waman xxxgx took it to be a mere accident when his knee
brushed against mine. I didn't suspect otherwise until I
felt his hand come to rest on my exposed thigh.

He continued his verbal exchange as his hand crept under
my towel. I glanced over at my Grandfather who was little
more than an obscure shape in the fog. My heart pounded like
a bass drum as the faceless stranger's groping fingers came
within inches of touching my manhood.

I gasped softly when he seized my spongy cockmeat and
gently squeezed. This guy had to have brass balls. His
boldness was frightening. Still, I can't deny I found being
seduced in such a daring manner to be a major thrill. My
youthful cock responded favorably to his pleasurable caress.
I actually found myself opening up my knees to give him
greater freedom.

The mysterious hand moved with confidence as it embraced
the entire length of my sweaty cock. He seemed most
impressed with the helmet shaped crown on my organ, and gave
it special attention. His hand wrenched my plump
impressionable knob until his domineering fingers had brought
forth an abundance of sticky sap. He stroked the full length
of rigid cock until it was slick with a lustful blend of
perspiration and pre-cum.

Completely uninhibited by the presence of his celebrated
peers, he was yanking on my cock like there was no tomorrow.
My huge nuts ached to blow a wad of jism in his persistent
hand. My thighs grew tense with orgasmic /ecstasy/">ecstasy and I was
in heaven.

Just as I reached the point of no return. Grandfather
stood up and tugged impatiently on my arm. On legs that
barely managed to support my weight, I rose to my feet. I
dawdled along behind Grandfather as my erupting cock left
behind a trail of slippery, youthful passion.

Grandfather sent me after some fresh towels for our
shower. Much to my relief, most of the other members were
preoccupied with other activities, and the locker room was
all but deserted. For reasons I couldn't really explain, my
hard-on just wouldn't go down. I held the front of my towel
in a feeble attempt to conceal my embarrassing affliction.

My errand took me past an attractive man who was also
preparing to take a shower. There was something about his
sly little smile that told me he knew what I was attempting
to hide beneath my towel. He stared at me like he had x-ray
vision. He made me so nervous that I lost my grip on my
towel and it fell down around my feet. I didn't look back at
him, but I knew he was still watching; shamelessly goggling
at the stiff lust jutting from my dense pubic bush.

Hurriedly, I grabbed up the fresh towels and all but ran
to the showers. I couldn't fucking believe it when I looked
back over my shoulder and saw the guy was following me. I
felt like a bitch in heat. From the horny expression on his
handsome face you would have thought I was emitting some sort
of inviting scent.

bokep sma pecah perawan Grandfather had finished his shower and was waiting for
me to return. As he took a towel from me, he spied the
stiffness jutting from between my legs.

"What I wouldn't give to be your age again," he said

The man who had been hot on my heels sauntered past,
once again glancing down to admire my wagging dick. He and
Grandfather nodded to one another, then he went on with the
business of taking a shower.

Instinctively, I watched the man as he removed his
towel. I found my eyes dropping to check out his well-
muscled body. I couldn't fucking believe what I saw. I knew
my eyes were nearly popping out of their sockets, but I
couldn't help myself. He had the biggest slab of cockmeat
I'd ever seen. His thick, droopy organ /hung/">hung half way down to
his knees.

Grandfather, leaving me to my shower, dressed as he had
to attend a board meeting. The membership committee was
voting on mew members. He assured me my acceptance was in
the bag.

Once Grandfather had gone, I joined my admirer in the