I was a typical housewife

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I was a typical housewife

I was a typical housewife, boring life, housework, shopping, cooking, taking her /son/">son to school, looking after everything and trying to please everybody, she was everybody?s friend, if they had any problems it normally ended with ?I know lets go and talk to Mandy she?ll understand? I was sort of an un-paid agony aunt. Not that I minded, but sometimes, just sometimes I would love for someone to listen to me and understand what I wanted. I was craving attention, and I had nobody to give me the attention I so desperately wanted, until my whole life changed.

It was my son?s birthday and with money being short I couldn?t take him out to the places I thought he would want to go, being an 8 year old I imagined he would want fun fairs or quad bikes, but to my /surprise/">surprise when I asked him where he would like to go he said he would love me to take him swimming, my first thought was ?Oh my god, me in a swimsuit, how can I get out of this? at 5?4 and weighing too many stone to write I was dreading it. But this was my son?s birthday, so I gritted my teeth and said, ?Ok no problem we?ll go after school?. If you could have seen his indian santali xvideo face, he was beaming.

We arrived at the pool and my stomach was doing flip flops my son was so excited about getting me in the pool but I couldn?t match his enthusiasm no matter how hard I tried. We got changed and I caught sight of myself in the mirror, I nearly went back into the changing rooms. I couldn?t get into the water fast enough, it was like when you see the killer whales doing a belly flop on the telly only with me I tried to ease myself into the water not to attract too much attention and failed miserably, my son shouted at me to hurry up, grabbed my hand and we both hit the water, laughing so much I nearly swallowed the pool.

Why was I so concerned about what people thought of me, I was making my son happy, then I saw him, tall, tanned, dark hair falling onto his forehead, in just a pair of shorts, he was /gorgeous/">gorgeous. Sitting up on one of the lifeguard chairs he was watching us and smiling, I turned to check who else he could be looking at but there was no one else, the pool was quiet because it was a weekday.

My son had gone off to play on one of the slides leaving me alone in the near empty pool with this gorgeous man, who had the darkest eyes, just watching me. I tried to swim away calmly but my heart was beating so fast, why was he looking at me, what interest could a guy like him have in me, a 34 year old badly overweight housewife hear with her son wearing not a scrap of makeup, but there he was, just watching me with that smile on his face.

I swam up to the deep end of the pool watching out for my son, but he was playing with some friends from school on the slide, there was a voice behind me ?he?s ok, don?t worry?. Oh no, it was him, talking to me, I turned expecting him to be on the side of the pool, but he was in the water, what was he doing. ?Don?t look so shocked, its my day off, I just called in to pick up a few things and decided to have a swim?. Wow he looked better up close. I must have looked pathetic treading water with my mouth wide open, I just smiled, what I hoped was a sexy smile and started to swim away, frantically looking for my son, hoping we could just make a run for it, but he was having so much fun.

A hand circled around my stomach, pulling me closer against his firm stomach, ?this was not happening to me, things like this never happen to me?. I tried to turn around, but he held me firm. ?I was watching you as you came in,? he whispered to me, his breath warm against my ear. His hand moving rhythmically around my stomach, stopping just under my breast, I was breathing so fast I thought I might hyperventilate. ?I haven?t seen you in hear before, and I normally remember all the sexy mums that come in here? he said ?Sexy? Me?? ?I think you must be confused? I said ?This is my /first-time/">first time in hear, my son nagged me to bring him for his birthday?. His hand was moving a little higher just brushing the underside of my breast, I should have stopped him, but the feeling was so good. I couldn?t believe I was getting aroused by this handsome stranger just paying me some attention, he probably does it to all the vulnerable mums that come in here, maybe we have that certain look that says ?Desperate Woman?, but at this moment I was the only woman in this guys world plus I was getting horney as hell.

I could feel his hardness nudging my butt cheeks, he turned me around to face him taking my hand slowly he put it on his cock, ?See what your doing to me,? he murmured, ?I want you so badly?. I didn?t know what to say, ?Tell your son your going to the toilets?. I just nodded my body running on automatic pilot, I went to tell my son who just was having too much fun to care.

I went into the changing rooms, this was surely some guy just having a laugh at my expense, I didn?t have the chance to think anything else, a hand shot out of one of the changing rooms dragging me inside. There he was, with that lazy smile on his face, as he came towards me I could feel those butterflies in my stomach come to life, I had never done anything remotely like this in my life. He held me close, kissing my neck down to my shoulders moving the strap of my swimming costume out of the way, ?Don?t worry about your son, my mate will look out for him?, I wasn?t listening I could feel his tongue flicking over my skin making goose bumps on my wet flesh. He caught the other strap of my costume and slid it down to my elbows like the other one, my breasts were free, the nipples standing proudly erect for him to see, red and hard they were a sharp contrast against the paleness of my skin, I wanted to touch him but my arms were confined in the straps of my costume still around my elbows.

He carried on kissing my skin leisurely just flicking his tongue out to taste my wet flesh now and again, damn this was driving me wild, his wet black hair was brushing my arms as his head went lower, he caught one of my nipples between his lips flicking his tongue across the hard nub, I let out a gasp as he nipped it between his teeth, he moved to the other one repeating the action. Then he was facing me, slowly he leant forward and kissed me, slowly, deeply kissing me like a lover not just a quick fuck in the changing rooms, I was confused. We parted and he took my arms out of my costume, stepping back to look at me, I was suddenly self-conscious trying to cover myself with my arms. ?Don?t, please don?t hide yourself from me, not ever?. I lowered my arms; he still had a hold of my costume as he went down onto his knees before me looking up. Never taking his eyes from mine he pulled my costume down around my ankles, I stepped out of it and he put it to one side. Still on his knees he kissed my stomach, I think he actually kissed every stretch mark I have, my knees were going weak from the need of wanting him. He asked me to sit on the bench, which I did, me sitting I was the same height as alain lyle porn he was kneeling. He kissed me again, one of those long kisses, hungry and deep, going to my shoulders, breasts, and nipples, then down to my stomach stopping when I could feel his chin brush against my pubes.

He put both of his hands one on each of my knees and parted my legs looking into my eyes to see if it was ok. Damn I wasn?t going to stop him now. He hooked his arms under my legs and moved me to the edge of the bench, so that my butt was nearly hanging off the edge, then he lowered his head and I was in heaven, his tongue was on my clit, flicking and teasing, then it was darting into my warm very /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt he was lapping me, sucking me, and fucking me with his tongue. I have never experienced anything like this, it took all my willpower not to cry out, and I didn?t even know this guys name. He gently took my clit in his teeth and nibbled it then flicked his tongue over the swollen sensitive button, moving his head to kiss my inner thighs he replaced his tongue with two fingers plunging them deep into my moist hole working them rhythmically. 

I suddenly wanted more than just his fingers, I put my legs down and stood up, he looked at me, I think it was his turn to be a bit confused, I caught his hand and brought him up to his /feet/">feet, hooking my fingers into the waistband of his shorts I pulled them down, following them down to his ankles, his cock was throbbing, I could see it glistening with pre cum obviously he was as horney as me. I run my hands up the backs of his legs, my nipples were rubbing up the front being grazed by the soft hair of his legs. His cock stood firm, I wondered if I was up to the task, but then thought what the hell, I took the head of his cock in my mouth tasting the saltiness of his pre-cum, licking it all off and savoring the taste looking up at him, his eyes were closed but I think he was enjoying it, I put more into my mouth until it hit the back of my throat and I could take no more. Sucking him deep into my mouth he let out a low groan of pleasure, I run my teeth along the length of his shaft until I came to the top then flicked my tongue over the little hole at the top, he had his hands in my hair, I sucked harder nearly bringing him to the brink, he tried to back away but I had a good grip on his ass. 

He sank down to his knees kissing me on the mouth I could taste my juices still on his lips, I gently pushed him onto his back and sat astride him, teasing his cock with my cunt, he tried to thrust upwards but I just kept it out of his reach, then when I was ready I impaled myself on him, I began to ride him, moving my hips in time with his thrusts, he was filling me fuller and deeper than I had ever been, my orgasm was close, he pulled me forward to kiss me, and told me to turn around, I did, my back facing him, he sat up watching his cock thrusting into me his hands caressing my breasts, my breathing ragged, I stood, he was behind me his cock damp from my juices nudging at my ass, I bent over so that my hands were on the bench, he entered me from behind the muscles of my cunt clenching around his cock, holding him prisoner inside its wetness, I could feel that he was close to Cumming just as I was, he thrust deeper and harder making low groaning noises deep in his throat, I wanted to scream but held it back, I could feel his hot, wet cum pumping into me, he slumped forward onto my back kissing it.

Without a word we both put our costumes back on, he kissed my cheek, said thanks and was gone. I went back to the pool to collect my son. I felt awful, I wasn?t a slut, but that was exactly how I had behaved, I didn?t even know his name, was I that desperate for a man I would give myself to anyone, but there again he was gorgeous. My son was telling me how he had a brilliant time as we both got changed to go home, so at least he felt good. As we reached the exit my son ran out to the car, who was he talking to? It was the guy. My son runs towards me ?Mam your friend wants to take us to McDonalds, can we go, please, for my birthday?. He just stood there looking at me waiting for my answer. Well I didn?t want to spoil my sons day, so the three of us got into the car, as I started the engine, he leaned in close to me so that only I could hear him ?by the way, my name is Dave and I?d love to stay for breakfast?.